Monday, July 6, 2020

The Narrative

Have you ever woken up from a dream that is so unbelievably vivid and clear? One that is so full of imagery that you feel that it was definitely sent to you as a message? I have a lot of dreams and many of them are memorable for some reason or another but nothing like the goose dream I had in February.  It stuck with me and I could not stop thinking about it. Geese seemed to show up constantly as a reminder of the disturbing and apocolyptic dream.

With art, you should be moved to feel. I am not interested in buying or making art that coordinates with my living room but is devoid of emotion. I want to feel a physical reaction to it- good or bad. For me, I think I achieved that in this piece. Someone else could look at it and see something different or nothing at all. But when I look at that piece, it says what I wanted it to say and I feel the way that I felt when I woke up that morning in February.

Im always fascinated by the process an artist goes through when they make their art. I know that for some people it starts with a color, for some a shape. For me, it is always the narrative. New meanings are uncovered and healing takes place. Healing through communication, the process of creation and the reconciliation of the feelings themselves.  So whether it's happy art or darker art, they all serve the same purpose; exploration and understanding.