Thursday, October 17, 2019

52 Weeks of Play: Weeks 25-28

Week 25: Watercolors

This week I enjoyed taking a class with Martina Sestakova where we did watercolor collages. It inspired me and when I got home I played around a little more and even added some water soluable crayons and doodles to the watercolors.

Week 26: Mosaics

Mosaics are always so appealing. You can really add anything you want to a mosaic and it will just make it look even better! The flow of just picking and placing without much forethought to the outcome is very freeing.

Week 27: Doodles

Back to my art journal again! I used my time this week to take the most basic supply- a black sharpie marker to just doodle. I used the silkscreen print that was on a ribbon I had glued on the page as inspiration. I simply embellished the shapes with a gold sharpie marker. It just goes to show- you don't need anything special to have a quick art date with yourself and the happiness it brings you is immeasurable!

Week 28: Refashioning

The powerful documentary, The True Cost, shows the very dark side of the fashion industry and the true cost of fast fashion. Since seeing this film, I have been even more conscious of my part in all of this. I have made an effort to make more intentional purchases and buy less. I have been adding to my handmade wardrobe instead. In addition, I have looked hard at pieces that I own to see if there were ways to make them into pieces that I will wear more. I turned an extra denim jacket that was just hanging in my closet unworn into a more fun jacket that I am enjoying wearing.

I also finished this piece, Listen, over the past few weeks.

You might recognize some of the elements from past "play" weeks (reverse applique, embroidery and painted fabric) This is what I love about this challenge of experimentation- it just opens up a larger tool box to choose from!