Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lend a Hand

I often talk about how stitching is a powerful form of therapy.  It can lower stress, help you find focus and create personal satisfaction. The power of crafting is not only good for your well being but it can also be used as a way to help others!  Money is not the only thing that can help a charitable organization. Many organizations are in need of knitted or quilted blankets, winter accessories, baby items and other daily needs.

Donating a hand made piece to an auction is another way of giving. Currently The Muse is in its fourth year of their Lend a Hand Art Auction. Every year I create something for it which is then auctioned off for a local charity. This year's theme was based on the Chinese Proverb of the Red Thread which states that we are all connected by an invisible red thread which can not be broken.

I chose to interpret this by focusing on women.  When you remove our outer shells, at the base of it we are all connected.  We all have our roles; our struggles and our celebrations. This is a theme which I have explored before and is always a topic of interest for me 

I started out by creating a background fabric of fused pattern pieces to muslin. I added some color but muted most of it out. I wanted a monochromatic piece to echo my intention of sameness and commonalities.
Then my favorite part- the stitching. As each slow stitch was created, my mind was free to wander and my relaxation set in. Creating this piece for the benefit of others was also for the benefit of me. When you create as a form of giving back, your rewards to yourself are two fold- the joy of the creation and knowing you have helped someone else.