Thursday, December 10, 2015

When Inspiration Strikes

Why does it always seem that the best ideas come at the most inconvenient time such as when you are in the shower or on a long drive?  For me it's driving.  I have about a half an hour commute to work.  Typically I listen to a podcast or sometimes music.  After awhile if the topic doesn't hold my interest, my mind starts to wander and that's when inspiration strikes! I hit on an idea and I can feel my pulse quicken. My mind goes from idea to idea with excitement and its all I can do to pull over and write down some notes before it disappears.

This past Saturday, I was hit hard with a solution to an unfinished idea that had been tossed around in my mind for the past several weeks. Luckily I had a supply of napkins in my glove box for exactly this moment...

So how can we get our ideas to flow when we want them to?

It's all about getting yourself into a relaxed semi-meditative state. Showering and driving are all routine events that your body is used to.  Your mind is free to wander while your body is set on repetition mode. Try other similar repetitive tasks such as cleaning, going on a walk, or my favorite- stitching! Keep yourself open to ideas without trying to force them to come. As with driving and showering, ideas most often happen when you are not looking for them. Keep a notebook handy so when the ideas start to flow- you are ready!