Thursday, June 20, 2019

52 Weeks of Play: Weeks 9-12

These last few weeks have been filled with play. After the project focused week 9, I got more into the flow of creation for the last three weeks. Allowing myself this time has been so good for my soul. More reminders that it is process over project that allow for the healing effects of art to come through.

Week 9: Garment Sewing

Okay, this week was more about the project. Even though it was not hard to make, it wasn't really play.  I have to admit though, I sure do like the outcome!

Week 10: Natural Dyeing

Margaret Hluch led an all day long Natural Dye workshop through The Muse. This whole day was amazing. I got lost in the process without attachment to the outcome. We played with clamping, shibori and painting. You can see more about the class on the Muse website, here.

Week 11: Applique

I really love applique. This was definitely something I wanted to play with during my 52 weeks. There is something so relaxing about using the needle to turn under the edges and find that sweet spot pocket to glide your needle through.....

Week 12: Gelatos on Fabric

Artist and friend, Colleen Attara introduced me to Faber Castell Gelatos in an art journal class that I took with her. I was hooked immediately and ordered a starter set that very night. Fast forward three years, I now have the large set and have found so many uses for them including painting them on fabric.

Besides my "play" projects, I have also spent more time knitting. I try to find at least a little time in almost every day to do some knitting. I crave the relaxing rhythm of the stitch and the click of the needles. I can feel it in myself that this creative time has been so restorative. Art is definitely my happy place.