Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Treat Yo Self-Meditative Stitch Workshop!

There has been a lot of positive feedback to this blog and to the idea of meditative stitching in general.  As a shop owner selling handmade items and facilitating craft parties, I often hear from a lot of customers that they love making things but they just "don't have the time".  I think that is what is so appealing about my morning stitching meditations....you only need 10 minutes!  (Often you have so much fun that 10 minutes turns into 15...20...)

Doing my morning stitch work has helped me in so many ways- I am more relaxed, self satisfied, and ready to start my day!  I want to show others how this can work for them too!  On Wednesday August 5th from 7-9pm I am teaching through The Muse! My friend, Heather Stang, owner of The Frederick Meditation Center will guide us through a meditation practice to begin the class.  I will then help people pick a mantra or favorite word or quote to transfer onto vintage linens.  We will then learn a backstitch to create a beautiful embroidered piece.

Treat Yo Self and take time for stitching! Registration is at The Muse, 19 N Market St or by calling 301-663-3632!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Moving day has come and gone but the boxes remain.  As a creature of habit, I thrive on routine, organization and everything in its place.  For someone like me, moving and change is a huge challenge to my sanity.

To feel at home and less restless, my first priority is to organize my sewing room.   The very last thing that I packed besides the obvious essentials was my trusty Bernina sewing machine.  I had not even used it in the last month but just knowing that it was available was a source of comfort. 

For Nick, I noticed that his favorite drum set was the last item to be packed.  As a drum teacher, he plays everyday however, that specific drum set had not been played for some time either. His drums mean to him what my sewing machine means to me. They both represent a huge part of our identity. We all have our "thing" whether it be cooking, gardening, reading, writing or whatever. I can't imagine a life void of a passion. It is that "thing" that keeps us going, keeps us grounded and makes life rich.  Embrace that item that you can't bear to pack in a box- it is what makes you who you are.