Sunday, September 15, 2019

52 Weeks of Play: Weeks 21-24

Week 21: Charity Art

I participate in an annual charity art event every year at The Muse where I create for a good cause. This year the money raised will go to The Buddy Project, an organization that includes Autism advocacy and awareness.  I did a collage that included painting and some of my water soluable sewing.

Week 22: Papermaking

My good friend Courtney Prahl invited me into the studio to try papermaking! We made bookmarks for our charity event, Lend a Hand. It has always been something I wanted to try and it was fun to try it out with a friend.

Week 23: Magnets

Using scraps from some old paintings that I had done, I made magnets! I had a lot of old abstract paintings that I had done that I didn't like as a whole but liked parts of them. Turning them into magnets made them useful and mini art pieces.

Week 24: Rust Dyeing

Everytime I see a rusty object on the ground, I pick it up. I have been collecting rusty pieces to do rust dyeing for a long time. I finally gave it a try and really liked the results. Like with every new technique, I will know better for the next time how to get more of the effects that I am looking for.