Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Weeks 33-36 of the 52 Collage Journal

One thing that you learn by giving yourself a regular art practice is more confidence.  I have learned that with each week comes an idea, the start of the projectand then the fear of the piece not working out.  In the past, I let that fear sit with me.  Sometimes it sat with me a week, more often it sat with me a month or longer before I was able to jump back in and begin.  With a weekly challenge, I do not have that luxury. I have to push through and make decisions. I have to try something and make it work.  It has led me to feel a sense of comfort that I can make it work. Sometimes the result is more successful than others but in the end, the challenge was met and usually I am happy with the end piece. Below are the results from weeks 33-36.

33/52 "Inside Out"...the world is...

34/52 "Messenger" 

35/52...changing directions...retreat vs nest...

36/52 "Saudade" ...lovely bones...beautiful melancholy