Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stitch it Out

Life is unexpected and with the good can come the bad.  I am finding myself realizing this even more as I get older.  They often come overlapped rather than compartmentalized which is how they always seemed when looking back over the years.

But not so, two years ago I had a grandmother and a friend pass while at the same time trying to keep on track with my business to get my shop Christmas ready. In May when my other grandmother passed I was also trying to settle on our house that same week.   And now.... coming home from my honeymoon and having to say goodbye to my sweet 14 year old canine companion, Jasper.

This is real life where you have to take things as they come. We all share these same experiences- the good/the bad and often both at the same time.  We all need to have some kind of outlet to get our feelings out.  To heal, to express, to mourn. What I turn to is stitching.  It allows me to express what I am feeling without saying a word.  I can sit in silence and immerse myself in the stitch. Everyone deals with things differently but what we all share is the need to deal with it in some way or another.  And for me- the answer is to stich it out.