Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Not Forgotten

There are many reasons to create art. I know that for me,  I do it as a way of expressing myself and sorting through difficult feelings and issues.  The work is not created for sale or for any other reason than the fact that I do it because I have to. This is a statement often made by artists and I completely relate to it.

A few years back, a friend was going through terminal cancer.  She was such a positive person and although honest with me about her illness, I found it hard to talk about.  Her positivity made the severity of the situation difficult to grasp. I felt angry and I felt sad but unable to communicate any of it. I created Goodbye during this time. I can't remember how it took shape, but I distinctly remember sitting on the couch in the middle of a snow storm stitching each line with the dark read thread. I can't necessarily say that it made me feel better, but it did help me in the moments as I worked on the piece.

Not Forgotten is the corresponding piece. It was my attempt to honor the inspiration of the woman that she was, a woman who lived her life with grace, generosity and beautiful confidence. This piece also came about organically.  It was completely intuitive and was a true expression of what I was feeling.

This brings me back to why I create art. When I open my heart without boundaries to the process, the result is honest and powerful.  These two pieces feel as if they were created on their own. They were inside of me and had to come out.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Sit, Sip & Stitch

Sit, Sip & Stitch.  Even just saying those three little words conjures up an irresistible image of calm happiness. This time of the year with winter in full swing, nothing beats a little time on the couch with a blanket, a warm cup of tea and a stitching project.
There is something synonymous about winter and stitching.  During the winter months, Mother Nature can force you to cancel all of your plans and push you into hibernation mode. For a person full of to do lists and a busy schedule, this can be quite frustrating but so very necessary. Similarly, working on a hand stitched project is a slow process. There are no shortcuts to make it happen any faster.  You have to slow down.

Today, as Mother Nature once again forced me to slow down, I resisted the urge to wallow in anxiety about the things that I knew needed to be done at work. I took my time to relax and clear my head while I did my morning meditative stitching. I reminded myself that I can not change the weather and gave myself permission to slow down.