Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Changing Course

Sometimes when we create, we become married to our ideas...even if our idea isn't working out. I begin a project with a concept first and a design second.  To me, communicating the idea is more of a priority than anything else.

Currently I am working on a piece that is incredibly close to my heart.  The focus of the piece is empty baskets. I used monoprinting to bring in the basket form but my heart was set on creating a three dimensional basket to mount on the piece. I spent hours (and painful wire through skin moments) creating the 3D basket form out of floral wire.  I then strengthened the wires with layers of floral tape. After saving a week's worth of used and dried coffee filters, I added them as my next layer for an aged look. A final basket layer was created using cheesecloth to set the mood. I can't even begin to imagine how long all of this took!  I set the piece aside until the quilting was done and ready for the main event- the basket.

With quilting done, it was time to add the prized basket element.  I tried it in various positions, I tried it upside down. It just wasn't working. The weight of the basket took away from the tactile nature of the fabric.

In the past I have been known to fall in love with a piece or an idea to the point where I lose sight of how it is working compositionally.  I tossed the basket aside into a pile of discarded scraps. For me this was a powerful moment of growth. I did not fear letting go of my time and my original idea- I put the art first. It is important to express your ideas but if can do this with a well thought out design, the idea comes across in a more effective message.