Thursday, November 5, 2015

Yes, you DO have time!

Throughout my day, I get into a lot of conversations with people about crafting and making art.  And the common phrase that I hear is "I don't have time." Or sometimes there is a lofty promise of the future, "When I retire..." or "When my kids are grown..." My question is What are you waiting for?

We are all busy.  All of us juggle many different hats and often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. If you really want to make art, you need to make it a priority. By putting yourself and your desires first, you will find that it will actually help you in the rest of your day. You will be a happier person to your family, you will be more productive and it will help you think more creatively throughout your day.

While it seems impossible, I am willing to bet that you can find 15 minutes in your day to treat yourself to some therapeutic craft time. According to Neilson's Social Media report, the United States spends six and a half hours per person on social media a month. Wow, think about what you could get done in that time!

I am not immune to the busy excuse but I try very hard to make it a daily morning practice. I know that I am a better person because of it!

Here are some tips on how I am able to squeeze in 15 minutes a day to craft:

1. I set a specific and constant time of the day to do it. (Morning works the best for me and I look forward to it when I wake up!)

2. Find a spot in your home that is comfortable and quiet that is always available to you.

3. Set a timer- this way you don't have to look at your phone and be tempted by your instagram feed or email notifications!

4. Always have a project ready and waiting.  I keep a nearby bowl which has all of my stitching supplies for my current project. The project itself is an easy, mindless piece which does not require creative decision making. (Stitching a pattern, coloring, knitting...these are all examples of good and easy things to pick up.) You will find that by doing a mindless craft, you will keep your creativity flowing and you will be more likely to make more time later to devote to a project that may require more depth.

5. Treat your time as sacred. Put yourself first. Give yourself this gift.

Treat your time as sacred. Put yourself first. Give yourself this gift.