Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weeks 1-4 The 52 Collage Journal

I have completed the first month in my goal to create a collage each week  for my 52 Collage Journal Challenge. So far the experience has been really fun and enjoyable.  By having a deadline, I have been forced to push through self doubt and decision making.  Here are the pieces with a few words of backstory to them. 

1/52 "Renewal" ...fresh start...dark to light...rebirth...light & airy...

2/52 "Tying Up Loose Ends" lists...organizing the year...end of year...

3/52 "News/Noise/News"

4/52 "No Mud No Lotus" of my niece-to-be
If you are interested, you can follow along with me each week as I post my progress on Instagram @the_meditative_stitcher. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

52 Challenge

I have given a lot of thought about my life, and what makes me the happiest. Ranked up at the top of my list with my family and friends is Art. If Art is in the top three, why am I not treating it in that way? If this little thing called Art can make me so happy then why am I not doing more of it?

Art is like dessert. Saving the best for last.

I go about my day with work and chores, trying to get those things out of the way so that I can spend my time guilt-free creating Art. That  thing called Art is hanging above me from a stick, waiting to be pulled down but always a little out of reach. The work and chores take longer than expected. The drain from the day has depleted my energy. The list of to-dos grow while Art waits in the corner.

But what if I made Art come first? If I put it on the top of my list of things to do?  I think that somehow the necessary chores of daily life will still get done; the bills will get paid, the dishes will get washed and laundry will somehow still get folded. And my soul will be fed.

So this year, instead of a resolution, I have given myself a challenge...The 52 Collage Journal. I am committing to creating a mini fiber collage every week of 2017 to document my life. I created this challenge with the goal of doing more of what I love and becoming more confident in my creative decision making. 

So in 2017 I am eating my dessert first. Follow along on Instagram @the_meditative_stitcher  to see the year unfold!