Thursday, April 23, 2020

52 Weeks of Play: Weeks 45-48

As I read about artists feeling a bit 'all over the place' right now, I can completely relate! I am not sure on why that is but I wonder if it is a combination of the overwhelm of finally having so much time to create that it makes it hard to choose or if it is the anxiety and worries of current events.  My guess is that it's a combination of the two. I have so many ideas and so many things I have always wanted to work on that my focus level is just not there. Rather than work on my quilted art pieces which tend to involve an emotional concept with many weeks or months of work and decision making involved, I find myself unable to make the commitment. I am craving creative projects that require me to  follow directions (like garment sewing or a knitting project) or that allow me full on creative play (like making a mess for the pure joy of creating).

Week 45: Log Cabin Quilt Block

Even though I consider myself a quilter, I pretty much never make traditional quilt blocks. I love the look of them and even made a few traditionally patterned quilts back in the late 90s but I have no desire to make them now. When I decided that my boring knitting bag needed some fun fabric patches, I found one of my favorite bird fabric remnants from designer, Anna Maria Horner. I decided to feature it in a log cabin quilt block.

Week 46: Crochet Cast on

Well- this is a didn't feel like "play" but it was learning something new! I tried out a sweater pattern that called for a crochet cast on. After two evenings of struggle, I was up and running! The rest of this sweater flew by and I made it in record breaking (for me) time!

Week 47: Eco Dyed Paper

Another casualty of COVID was my monthly newspaper column, Crafting Into Calm. It's unfortunate because I feel like now more than ever this column could help people. Also unfortuate, I had submitted my April article before I knew that the freelance writers were cut. I completely understand and support this but I wanted to share the project with you! Using items in your own backyard, I created a wall hanging featuring paper that was dyed with petals and leaves. If anyone is interested in the full DIY article, let me know and I would be happy to publish it here.

Week 48: Paint Collage Stitch

Well this was a fun one! I spent Saturday afternoon completely engrossed in play. I am realizing that my hands and plans often cant keep up with my creative energy. For awhile now I have been looking at ways to best connect my love of adding hand stitch and texture with my abstract paintings and collage. I still havent nailed the process I am looking for but I think I am getting closer.

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  1. Creative play, learning from failure, and having limitless time are the perfect ingredients for success in the studio! You’ve nailed it!!!